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Sordid history

Something like Alt / fusion / rock / funk sorta thingy. Original if nothing else....lately its been pretty heavy rock with the guitar/bass/drum stuff and kooky with the bass and drum stuff!

Sounds like?

Common comparisons include Tool and Live, I don't think it sounds much like either of those..it's original!

Hoagie Barmichaels
Friar Tucks
Industrial Lounge
The Loft
Blackwatch Pub
Rude Dog
Granada Theater
Old Town Pub
Grape Harvest Festival
Namm Jamm
Sunset Club
Gem City

Ignition was formed around 1992 when chris and burt and jim tripped across each other while trying to form an original band. Craig was added to the lineup as guitarist shorty thereafter.
fun fact: Ignitions original name was "13th floor" Ignition's early music was a rather odd mix of rock, funk, dance and what would later be called "alt".

fun fact: Our first gig was in diamond bar, Craig says it was at the "tree house". I think he is right.

Johnny(1) joined as drummer shortly before the first gig and would later play drums on our first (unnamed) demo. Johnny(2) joined later adding a more funk based drum style to 13th floors sound. We had a keyboardist for about 15 seconds around this same period. I shall call him "random keyboard guy" as i forget his name. as usual, drummers continued to implode and disappear...at some point (1995ish?) we hooked up with Kelly and went onto the next phase of musical style, we also picked up "ignition" as the band name around that time.Ignition's sound became a bit harder, but we continued to write in whatever style we wanted too, still blending, alt, fusion. funk, rock, etc as we saw fit. We recorded several more demos between...1995 and..2000ish?

fun fact:all of ignition/13th floors demos "disappeared" when our recording engineer moved.. or was abducted by aliens.

most of our gigs were booked and played in this same time frame, including: hoagie barmichaels - industrial lounge - the loft - blackwatch pub - rude dog - granada theatre - old town pub - grape harvest festival - caseys - Namm Jamm - sunset club

fun fact:video exists from industrial lounge(1998) and one of the many black watch pub gigs(1996).

At some point, Kelly had to leave the band. We went through a few drummers before we added tim.

fun fact:tim runs the studio ignition/13th floor has played in for years. (urban audio, duarte) bonus fun fact: duarte is "the city of health"

Over the years, ignition/13th floor has always been a truly original band/writing project. Currently, the style is original alt/fusion/rock with funk/pop/dance/metal mixed in. I like to think of ignition as a "pure" band. music and fun always take precedence over image and conformity. We continue to improve as musicians as we write and record songs and morph into different music styles. Although ignition has always been able to stand alone as an instrumental band we are open to adding vocals back into the mix if the right person appears with the right quirky individual style. As digital recording gets cheaper and cheaper i expect ignition will be releasing finished mastered music in the same way we produce copious quantities of "on the fly" rehearsal recordings now.In some ways i will always prefer the "dirty" takes that get captured live over meticulously finished multitrack recordings.

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