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Was influenced by music at a very young age, my grandfather played and sung in a mariachi band, my uncle played guitar in a kinda weding band, and older cousin was into Beatles & Stones and was in a Stones cover band. So I was influenced by music most of my life. Around 9 or 10 I heard Space Oddity by David Bowie and was mesmerized I thought this is it maybe some day I would sing hahah, Well listened to Beatles , Stones, Bowie, Steely Dan and various other musicians like blues great Jimmy Reed and so forth and kinda sang around the house in shower etc. Then my mother and aunt started singing in church with the choir, So when I was about 16 I went reluctlently one Sunday badly hung over but wanting to please my mom
And damn the sound that came out of my mother and my aunt was like WTF these women can sing and my mom sounded like a get down black gospel singer. Well I just thought about it and got into differnt music stylings from rock,disco lol then punk rock started and I was hooked . Then the 2nd english invasion started in the late 70's early 80's with punk, gothic and new romantic which I dove into head first. The way I looked dressed etc. Then my younger cousin and a few aquaintences started a band in the new romantic sound and was kinda experimenting so I asked if  I can join as a singer lol . Really wasnt sure how that would work but it did and we were pretty successful , Well after a couple years we all kinda went different ways and into different music, I started another new wave band which had very talented musicians and ran that to the hilt, but as usual grew tired and wanted to change with the music scene.Grunge rock was making it big and I kinda enjoyed the change but still had my roots in old Bowie, Bauhaus and others. Met Jim thru recycler classified then Craig joined in and even though we all had different influences we worked really well together from day one deceided to be an original band because any one can do copy's or cover.So hope you enjoy and if not we dont care hahahaha.

I swear this is what Tim told me..."When Tim started playing in 07, he could barely strum his guitar Now, with his intense dedication to the music industry he cannot only strum, he can strum, sing, dance & snap his fingers to the tunes of Ignition. Later that evening while waiting for his father in the tool shed...Song writing! Hmmm that would be clutch!"

Jim started playing cello in 4th grade, was playing semi professionally by 16 including a european tour with the orange county youth symphony. started playing bass around 15, basically self taught on bass...although able to read and write music from the classical background.

played in various hard rock bands/heavy metal/experimental/progressive between 17 and early 20's joining with the original line up of ignition, (then called 13th floor) in early 90s.

kind hard to say, im pretty self influenced by my fevered imagination but long term influences would include:

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, al dimeola (hell yes!), fish bone, mr bungle, merciful fate, primus, Pj Harvey. Tool, Live, Oingo Boingo, Curve, Chili Peppers, V.A.S.T, and.......craig, kelly and tim!

the most influential element has been my long term work with drummers in drum and bass projects, most of my earlier years playing included an o.c. drummer with ongoing bass/drum progressive music writing rehearsal and have continued with kelly and tim.

why i have been in ignition for 1000 years...ignition has always been an environment to freely work in any musical style whether its alt, jazz, rock, metal, prog, funk or a combination of all the above. the balance of the style and sound of the ignition musicians has always been unique and challenging. to me ignition is an ongoing project band with the simple goal of writing/recording/performing our own style of music.

Jim plays:
   Tobias 5 string bass
   Fender lined fretless 4 string
   (also has a pre cbs fender P bass)
   SWR amp and cab
   Trace Elliot stack
   lone effect: Flanger

I started playing guitar about 16. Took lessons for about 3 years. Spent a few years in a music workshop and played in a couple of cover bands. I've been accused of not having many influences, like..er..only one band...but it's not true!! Okay Rush has been a favorite but I listen to others..really...like....ummm..who was that band? oh yeah Zeppelin...and others - Maiden, Sabbath, Queensryche, Satriani, Live, to name a few.

I see you guys put your equipment list on the website - I should put mine too, so here goes:

Since Jim & Kelly shared their equipment I don't want to be the slacker (ok yeah I am the slacker but why make it worse):

Blue guitar - it has six strings except sometimes when I push too hard on the skinny one  it breaks then it only has five - it's pretty old - circa 1992.
Another blue guitar played sometimes - it's pretty old too - 1987.
Black amp that is kind of dusty, but it works most of the time.
Old programmable effects unit  (it has a 10 year internal battery that's in its 15th year)
Green picks.

Others we have collaberated with...
like Christina!Awesome singer

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